T-Base Pro is a free application for everyone. Installation is always full and without resctrictions including advanced modules as remote controlling and sequence. In order to use remote controlling and mesurement automatization features, the licence key for the specific device is needed. Please contact our sales management in order to obtain the licence for your devices.

Commercial (payed) options:

Devices, IO interfaces and options

 Device USB
Remote Control(Optional)
 Turn Ratio
 TR Mark II
 TR Mark III
 TR Mark III R
 TR Mark III 250V
 TR Mark III 250V R
 Winding Resistance
 WR 14
 WR 14 R
 WR 50-12
 WR 50-12 R
 WR 50-13
 WR 50-13 R
 WR 100 12 R
 WR 100 13 R