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Data managament

T-Base can be used as central database unit or as client of the external SQL database.

  • Winding Resistance Time Graph
  • Winding resistance measurement results
  • Winding resistance measurement results.
  • Turn ration deviation graph
  • tTurn ratio mesurement results table.
  • Transformer nameplate input wizard.
  • Transformer profile editor
  • Transormer profile editor, tap wizard dialog
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T-Base can export and save data in different formats: XPS, PDF, XLS, HTML.

  • report_viewer.png
  • reporting_formats.png
  • tr_view.png
  • tr_word.png
  • wr_html.png
  • wr_pdf.png
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All Raytech devices can be fully remote controlled from the PC. Measurement data is saved to the application database.

  • ATOS system remote control.
  • ATOS remote in action
  • Graphical tap switch control
  • TR remote control surface
  • WR remote control surface
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Sequence, measurement automation system

Sequence is the most advanced automation measurement system in the word today. Powerful yet easy to use thanks to the drag-n-drop graphical programming system. Just a few impressions...

  • Flexible flowchart editor
  • Seuquence forkwlow editor, all element expanded.
  • Notification settings editor.
  • Default sequencer mode
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Add ons

With Raytech Visual Studio project templates it is easy for customer to write its own extension for T-Base.

  • Add ons selection menu
  • Device driver development and diagnostic add on
  • Log viewer and support contact interface
  • Sending protocol to Raytech for analysis is easy
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Various impressions of T-Base. Settings, data import, data export, etc...

  • ATOS virtual device configuration editor
  • Updates and database location settings
  • Direct data import from device
  • Profile import from file system
  • Localization settings dialog
  • Native Raytech USB drivers
  • PDF report settings dialog
  • Profiles can be exported directly into the device
  • External SQL database settings dialog.