Extensibility and customization features

  In order to meet individual needs of customers, T-Base provides a powerful API for the development of the custom add-ons. It can be extended with new functionality or integrated into the 3-party environment both as master or as slave. Developer can use existing platform modules such as SQL database abstraction layer, MVVM tools and libraries, device driver layers, sophisticated graphic components and many more. Extension can be configured to start as a background process or as a full-blown GUI application with the ribbon menu, started automatically with the application or with a click on the menu item inside the add-on menu. With the device driver SDK, writing drivers for the 3-party devices and controllable from within T-Base is possible also. Sophisticated project templates for MS Visual Studio are also provided.
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T-Base exenstibility features

  • Add-on selection menu
  • Device diagnostic and development helper addon
  • Log viewer add-on
  • Log viewer add-on, event reporting system
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