Raytech T-Base Professional

is a new powerful software for electrical testing, developed by Raytech GmbH. Years of experience in building world top testing equipment flowed into the development, resulting in a state-of-the-art software framework. Its functionality ranges from simple data import and export using simple USB stick till the full remote control of the sophisticated Raytech testing devices and measurement systems. On top of all that, the powerful "Sequence" module enables user to fully automate the measurement process. Complex measurement procedures, involving multiple devices and complex setups, can be easily programmed using graphical drag-n-drop tools. 

Special attention during development has been put on the intuitive user experience with no restriction in range of functionality. Its modern GUI makes it pleasure to work with. Basic data manipulation operations can be intuitive done even by the user with no previous experience using the application. Also testing experts with upscale requirements working in a laboratory environment and using complex testing setups are well served. T-Base is full multi-tasking and multi-user capable. Thanks to its modular architecture and progressive add on interface, it very easily can be extended or be integrated into third-party systems. It's also possible to write drivers for third-party devices and control them from T-Base. Nothing is impossible!