T-Base Lite Version 1.3.0 (13.04.2017)

  • Standard report logo can be replaced
  • Standard report titel can be changed
  • New field "Location" is added to the object nameplate on the report
  • New fields describing average test result added to the report layout. Possible values are "Pass", "Fail", "Other" or "None".
  • WR report can contain multiple graphs  (prim, sec...4th, 5th, etc.)
  • Updated firmware update files
  • Diverse driver issues resolved
  • Invalid firmware license will prevent connection with the device
  • Bugfixes

T-Base Lite Version 1.2.2 (21.03.2017)

  • Fixed compability problems with new firmware versions for CT, CAPO and WR devices
  • Connection to the device can be established despite the too low firmware version. User will be warned to update firmware.
  • Diverse improvements and bugfixes

T-Base Lite Version 1.2.1 (13.01.2017)

  • Support for CT and CAPO device types.
  • Default data location can be changed from the main settings dialog
  • Data folder can be opened from the top of the main window
  • TR and WR report layout improvements
  • Activity indicator changed
  • Div. bugfixes and improvements


T-Base Lite Version 1.1.0 (03.11.2016)

This release contains different bugfixes and improvements.

New SAP Crystal Reports runtime library updates.


T-Base Lite Version 1.0.1 (08.01.2016)

Initial release.