T-Base Lite

is intended for users preferring simplicity over complexity of the pro version. It is limited to the basic functionality as USB interface, data import, data export, synchronization and automatic firmware update. Data can be exported in many popular data formats like excel, word, text, csv, xml, crystal reports, html. Measurements can be saved as archive files and imported into the database of the T-Base Professional version.

How to use T-Base Lite

  1. Download T-Base from the download page
  2. Start installation procedure and follow the instructions on the screen
  3. Click on the T-Base Lite desktop icon to open the program
  4. Connect your Raytech measurement device using USB interface
  5. Select the connected USB device from the list and click "connect" button. T-Base will attempt to import existing data from the device after the first connection.
  6. T-Base Lite is ready to receive the data from the device. Perform the measurements using connected raytech device. Saving results to the internal memory of your raytech device will send data to the T-Base and it will open report window fully automatically.
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T-Base Lite

T-Base Lite edition screenshots

  • Start screen
  • Date import
  • Report